Interior Designers in Cape May and Atlantic County, NJ

BY Sean Kelly

Visit Dune for a home shopping experience unlike any other on the South Jersey shore.

Whether you’re hoping to reimagine bright new spaces at home or simply need help with the finishing touches to compliment your current interior theme, our talented designers and organizers will transform your aspirations into captivating interior design realities

We’re more than an interior design company. We don’t just create beautiful spaces; we craft authentic and inviting havens that reflect your unique style. Our process begins with a caring approach as we listen to your big ideas and provide personal interior design guidance tailored to you.

Interior Design Services for Your Style

For renovations, remodels, and all of the home decorating in between, we approach your interior upgrade with thoughtfulness and attention to detail. We connect you with excellent resources and trustworthy contractors, while actively communicating with everyone involved to make your life easier.


An essential facet of interior design, Space planning is the artful orchestration of space, function, and aesthetics. We maximize every square inch, harmonizing practicality with style, and crafting interiors that flow seamlessly. With meticulous attention to detail, our interior designers transform spaces into functional and beautiful havens tailored to the unique needs of each client.


Color can evoke memories, set moods, or create harmony. With a refined and intuitive understanding of tones, we assist in navigating the vast spectrum of shades to find the perfect color palette that aligns with your vision. Every swatch chosen is a brushstroke of identity, a whisper of mood, and a canvas of possibility. We decorate homes where color isn’t just seen, it’s deeply felt.

Construction Guidance

Building from the ground up is exciting, but it’s also overwhelming for the client. We work with the contractor and client from the beginning of development to the custom décor of the house. Helping to create a seamless experience by presenting a clear vision to the client, setting delivery schedules for the contractors, deadlines for the projects, and much more.

Furniture Selection

More than just decorating a room—Choosing the right furniture is a masterful blend of function, form, and feeling. We delve deep into textures, materials, and styles to craft spaces that resonate with your vision and elevate the ambiance of any room. Every piece chosen is a reflection of your story, desired level of comfort, and aesthetic statement.


Accessorizing is the art of finessing detail into design, adding layers of depth and personality to any space. We choose accessories that are more than finishing touches; they add character and breathe life into each room. Curating each piece and ensuring that it not only complements the space but also captures the essence of its inhabitants. Every ornament, throw, or artifact is a testament to style, a hint of luxury, and a signature of the home.

With Interior design firm Styled by Sean, you can rest assured you’re not just getting interior design services, you’re embarking on a delightful design adventure.


Rated 5.0 on Google

Sean is fantastic to work with. He made my life so easy during the design, planning, installation and finish work of my home office.

I am so happy with the results. Sean is incredibly professional, really works well with someone like me with a busy schedule, and he exceeded my expectations with value and the look of the office. Everyone is loving the results. I cannot wait for our next project together!
Sean was recommended to us by a friend who also used him and she could not say enough good thinks about him. Sean helped us design 2 small rental units. He has a great vision and his ability to create something wonderful out of nothing is truly amazing. He is prompt, professional, and incredibly responsive. He was always available to answer questions whether big or small and was so helpful when timely decisions needed to be made.
Sean is amazing - I told him I needed to revamp the interior of my home on a budget and he delivered well beyond my expectations. He has the ability to see the potential in a space, creates a shared vision, and executes every detail. His work ethic is so impressive, he is very professional and responsive, he is not pretentious or pushy in any way, and his rates are reasonable and worth every penny. I would recommend Sean without hesitation to anyone looking for interior design expertise!